Saturday, February 14, 2009


Women's Day is is celebrated in Poland on March the 8th of each year but it becomes less popular and the new tradition incorporated into our customs and celebrations is Valentine's Day (in Polish: Walentynki)It has not been celebrated in Poland until very recently but it seems to be enjoyed by everyone, especially teenagers.Young people know tricks to express their feelings like for example: sending Valentines Day bouquets, e-cards, buying sweets, inventing chat up lines ...- but the most valuable ever are homemade valentine cards.
We also celebrate Valentines Day at school. We decorate our classrooms, we write messages for the ones we like on the cards which are deliverded to them by special messengers.
There are also some talented students who write short poems to be presented on the special board. We listen to and sing some love songs and sometimes we have a performance at school prepared by our students.